How to Grow a Healthy Beard: Preparation, Products, and Patience

Keywords/Keyphrases: beard itch, patchy beard, beardruff, beard balms So, you have decided to embark on a journey to growing a thick and n healthy beard, guaranteed to turn a few heads and even generate a little bit of beard envy. Congratulations on your recent decision. Deciding to embark upon such a life-changing event does not come so easy. Yes, growing a beard is a life changing event. Its no wonder that so many guys get stuck in the contemplation phase, unsure where to begin or what to expect as they weigh the pros and cons of growing a beard. You,
however, know what it is you want, and now that you have decided to grow a beard, there are three things you need to plan for this month, and they are preparation, products, and patience.

It all starts with the preparation phase for growing your beard. You are getting ready to change things up, and you should take the time to consider multiple things that have never crossed your mind, ranging from beard care practices to the look you are hoping to achieve to where you will purchase your beard products. Also, you will have to contemplate how it is, you will motivate yourself to see the process through to the end, no matter how difficult it may become. This last statement is not intended to make you second-guess yourself. It is meant to be more of a reality-check for the journey you are about to

Identify Your Face Shape

The first step in the preparation face will be to examine your face shape. What is the best beard for your face shape? The type of beard you decide to grow will need to complement your face shape, or you will not be happy with the result. If your face is square or circular, you will want to go for one that has length but is short on the sides. A shorter beard that fills in the cheek area will look best with a rectangular or oblong face.

Know Your Hair Texture
Next, know your hair texture. Yes, your hair texture matters. Knowing the hair texture of your beard will be critical to helping you purchase and use beard care products that best support your efforts to grow a thick and healthy beard. It will also help you to better understand the frequency at which you should use those products.
Next, you will want to begin stocking your beard care arsenal with beard care products, like KingzBeard Grooming Co products, that will help infuse moisture into your skin and beard and aid in reducing the risk for common skin problems. At a minimum, you want to have a beard brush, beard comb, beard oils, beard bars, and beard balms on hand to get you started.

Beard Oils
Beard oils are essential for growing a healthy beard. Beard oils are packed with vitamins and minerals that may offer a wealth of benefits. Let’s take a look at three primary benefits of using beard oils. Management of Beardruff. Beard dandruff, also known as beardruff, can occur as a result of dry skin. As this process happens, white flakes can emerge, becoming entangled in your beard and can leave a gnarly trail everywhere you go.
Beard oils penetrate the skin and help to decrease the dryness and, with consistent use, rids you of those nasty white flakes while conditioning the skin.
Helps with Beard Itch and Inflammation. Beard oils like Kingzbeard Grooming Co Morning Majic Beard Oil contains a unique blend of essential oils like sweet almond, jojoba, and grapeseed oils. These oils soothe the skin and help to reduce problems with beard itch and other forms of skin irritation and inflammation.

Boosts Beard Growth. Beard oils contain a fantastic combination of ingredients that increase blood flow to the skin beneath your beard. They also strengthen your hair, reducing the risk of breakage. This action helps to increase the rate at which your beard grows.

Beard Bar
Beard bars, sometimes referred to as beard washes, are a must-have staple in your beard care arsenal. Beard bars will be quintessential in helping you to keep your skin and beard clean. They will help you to minimize the occurrence of beardruff and minimize split ends, which can trigger fuzzy beards with a raggedy look.
Beard bars, like the Klassic Beard Bar by Kingzbeard Grooming Co, also contain the perfect blend of essential oils, kaolin, and myrrh essential blend to help keep those pores clean and split ends at bay.
Beard Balms
Beard balms, like KingzBeard Grooming Co Majic Morning Beard Balm, are another excellent option for men seeking to get their beard under control with the scent of essential oil. Beard balms are especially useful if you are seeking to shape your beard.


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